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Demonstration of time-varying solvent regeneration and variable ramp rate

This study will investigate the feasibility of flexible operation in post-combustion CO₂ capture plants by demonstrating two novel approaches to operation. The time-varying solvent regeneration scenario demonstrates the ability to store CO₂ within the working solvent. Secondly, the variable ramp rate scenario investigates the ability to ramp process parameters at different rates (at constant liquid to gas ratio, L/G) whilst still being able to maintain a constant degree of CO₂ capture (i.e., the same CO₂ capture rate).

Imperial College London
Test at TCM
July 2017
Contact at TCM
Thomas de Cazenove, Nina Enaasen Flø


This work will be presented at the GHGT-14 conference in Melbourne, Australia. The results will be published in two papers in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (IJGGC):

  • Bui, M., Mac Dowell, N., (2018). Flexible operation of CO₂ capture processes at different plant scales. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, draft.
  • Bui, M., Flø, N. E., de Cazenove, T., Mac Dowell, N., (2018). Demonstrating flexible operation of CO₂ capture plants at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM). International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, draft.