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MEA RFCC Baseline Testing

In collaboration with TCM, EPRI have generated an independent verification protocol (IVP) that is applied to the process during testing to facilitate an independent review of the testing procedure, manual extractive sampling, plant measurements and instrument calibration.

Electric Power Research Institute
Test at TCM
Following successful deployment of the Brownian demister filter on the RFCC flue gas supply, TCM tested 30%wt MEA solvent for baseline performance definition. Testing was conducted from 28th May – 31st May 2018.
Contact at TCM
Muhammad Ismail Shah

This IVP was applied to previous testing using flue gas from the combined heat and power plant, representing flue gas from natural gas combined cycle plants and was used during the recent RFCC gas testing to represent coal flue gas carbon capture. This independent verification procedure is also utilized at TCM for third party testing if requested. The plant performance, in terms of thermal energy consumption, carbon capture rates attained, and emissions measured is summarised in a testing report for TCM.


Hume Scott, EPRI